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Building An Object-Orientated Testimonials Widget In PHP


This tutorial shall show you how to build an object-orientated, testimonials widget in the coding language PHP. Testimonials are a great way to show your customers or potential clients what people have said about your products or skills. This tutorial shall show you how to build a testimonials widget using Object-Orientated programming in PHP. This tutorial shall teach object-orientated style programming, creating classes, constructors and MySQLi. This tutorial shall not focus on Bootstrap, though is using it. It also won’t discuss in much details the JS or AJAX calls done with jQuery but they are commented clearly. The tutorial also shall not discuss building a login system, this may be covered in a later tutorial.

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Building a PGP Encrypted Contact Form with PHP


Emails are often an overlooked area for security even though they often contain important material. In this tutorial I will be showing how to build a contact form for a website that shall encrypt the email’s body before sending it.

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Here’s a couple of tools that we shall be using to get the encryption working.

1) – A key generator and tool for adding the ability to read the messages directly in Mac Mail.
2) GPG pecl module to work with PHP


My New Blog

After giving my website a full and much needed refresh I have decided to start doing a blog/tutorial and get myself back into writing and keeping up-to-date with web technologies.

It’s been quite some time since I have done any posts of any sort so I’m hoping this’ll be a great place to restart!

My thoughts thus far are to build a blog of my most frequently requested items along with an update of previous tutorials.

So far in the pipeline I’ve got:

  1. 1. Building a URL shortener with CodeIgniter
  2. 2. Building a cached twitter feed for your website
  3. 3. Getting started with Web Development
  4. 4. Single Sign On with clear PHP or Symfony2
  5. 5. Building an encrypted AJAX contact form

If anyone has anything they’d like a tutorial on or ideas for the blog please leave a comment or don’t hesitate to contact me!